Genius Of P2W Work Authorisation Software

Unprecedented control
of human unpredictability

Modern day pressures on time and money increase the likelihood of selective compliance, which is why GEMsoft7 developed P2W. Our unique electronic Permissioning engine ensures your Work Authorisation and Permit to Work processes not only comply with the legislation and regulations relevant to your sector but it also protects your people, assets and corporate reputations – in fact, everyone who has a reason to touch your business!
To do this, GEMsoft7 has developed P2Was a framework on which you can run your Work Authorisation, Permit to Work or ISSOW (Permit, Isolation and Risk Management) processes. In doing so, P2Whelps you meet the requirements of UK and international Health & Safety directives and quality standards such as HS@W’74/’79; ACOP’s; MHS@W’99; ISO9001 and OHSAS 18001.
The benefits of deploying P2Ware compelling:
Work faster, smarter, safer
Duty of Care Easy Adoption Cut Out Complexity & Cost